The Reiss Flared Trouser



A Reiss signature in shape and style, flared trousers are having a moment. We celebrate it with a deep dive into the look.


Bootcut, bell-bottom, kick-flared… you name it (or not), but if your trousers are wider at the hem than at the knees, you are – intentionally or not – wearing an iteration of the flared trouser.

While we tend to associate flares with 1970s fashion, they originated much earlier in history. And not just for fashion’s sake, but utterly utilitarian. They go as far back as the early 19th century – when sailors wore “blue trousers with bell bottoms.” Flares were also worn for centuries by European carpenters - the idea being that the wide-leg shape prevented sawdust from falling onto their shoes.

Fast forward to the late 1960s, when dual-gender flares became a London de rigueur look, later expanding to the rest of Europe and North America. Denim was the go-to fabrication, styled with clogs, Chelsea boots or Cuban-heeled shoes. But there were plenty of flares in corduroy, tailoring wools, silk and jersey.

A current thirst for wider-legged jeans inspired our most literal iteration of flared jeans to date. Our coveted Isa high-rise flared jeans, which we so far rendered in crisp white or mid blue, has brought Reiss jeans into the spotlight, tempering timeless looks with a delicious dose of nowness.

Reiss flares update the seventies silhouette for the 2020s woman with a slim fit on the thighs and a flattering leg opening guaranteed to lengthen the form. Complete with a front-crease detail and twin front pockets, they have enough tailoring credentials to make it into professional looks.

As the world’s hems become more confidently wider, we introduce the Sian high-rise flares to the mix, in a skinnier cut with a slightly more exaggerated leg. In a comfort-meets-style viscose blend, they are available in classic black or ever-so-Reiss tan to seamlessly fit into your wardrobe, fulfilling their role as the most instant update ever.