Dress for Everyday Escapism

On Megan: Tessa jumpsuit, On O'Shea: Villa blazer (coming soon), Bronte shirt

This season more than ever, we are dressing to escape reality, bringing back into our lives the feeling of moments we have missed so much.

Above: Grace dress, Zhane heels. Below: Kay dress, Magda sandals.

Splash blazer and trousers, Finnis shirt, Rio sunglasses.

Breaking away is no holiday but an escape. It’s about using our wardrobes as the ticket to a different mindset.

On Megan: Vita dress (coming soon). On O'Shea: Loftus shirt , Granite trousers, Rio sunglasses.

Denim, linens, cotton, t-shirts, shirtdresses, fluid dresses and relaxed tailoring combined freely for dressed-up looks that salute the sun. These looks are perfect for outdoor and indoor occasions, returning to the office, or simply soaking up atmospheres once again.

Bethany swimsuit, Leah trousers

Above: Dennis shirt, Train blazer and trousers. Below: Campbell shirt, Ryder trousers and Acer trainers.

Embrace head-to-toe white and strokes of light, airy colours with a feel-good quality. For an enhanced escape feeling, terracotta and earthy greens come into play.

Gabriella dress (Coming Soon)

Showing more skin than expected in an urban setting is the ultimate rebellion. Summer dresses and blouses make their way into the office and appointments, breaking away from the leisurewear overload of previous seasons.

Clockwise from top left: Valetta dress (Coming Soon), Kali flat sandals, Campbell shirt, Lily trousers, Magda sandals, Tessa jumpsuit.

Rodin jacket (Coming Soon), Ruban shirt, Cab trousers (Coming Soon), Rio sunglasses.

Meanwhile, in menswear, tailoring perfect for balmy nights celebrates a summer-ready return to dressing up.

Villa blazer and trousers (Coming Soon), Bronte shirt, Nelson sunglasses.

Myah blazer and shorts (Coming Soon), Mirabel vest.

Whatever your plans are this Spring, make sure you dress optimistically. You owe it to yourself.