In Praise Of Paisley


Forget your grandfather’s musty pocket square, we present three reasons why paisley is a cool choice for the new season.


Much like marmite, paisley has long divided the masses. Although the pattern is said to have originated in Persia as far back as 200AD, the word “paisley” (the English form) derives from a Scottish town of the same name – fitting considering its position as a touchstone in menswear on British shores. The iconic teardrop-shaped design has peppered everything from shirts to ties to home furnishings, including curtains, but despite a rich history in fashion, it’s not a design immediately associated with what’s “cool” in the 21st century.

Unfairly dismissed as the uniform of your history teacher or something emblazoned across one of your grandfather’s musty pocket squares, paisley was actually considered quite modern and contemporary in earlier years: it broke mainstream popularity in the Sixties thanks in part to the Beatles’ fondness for it, and Prince even paid tribute in his 1985 song “Paisley Park”.

In 2018 it still hasn’t quite recaptured that same respect, but it’s a pattern we’re championing for the new season and one we feel every man who takes his style game seriously should at the very least consider. Acknowledging that it may not be the easiest of designs to introduce to your attire, our new collection brings to paisley to life through three iterations: a pocket square for a subtle touch; a scarf for an elevated take on eveningwear; and a shirt for those keen to brave more daring terrains. The only question left now is: which one takes your fancy?


If you’re the kind of gentleman who errs on the safe side of dressing, a pocket square is a brilliantly subtle way to introduce paisley to your outfit. Superb for occasions, wear it with a classic black tuxedo for a fine flourish.


While we always advocate fashion that serves a practical purpose, a scarf that’s more an accessory rather than a garm to keep you warm is occasionally necessary just to elevate a look that little more. Rather than dated, look to paisley as a method of amplifying the sophistication of your look. Casually throw it over the collar of your overcoat for a rakish slant.

The shirt

We’re big fans of a printed shirt here at Reiss, especially one worn with a leather jacket, but for bonus menswear points a paisley shirt just adds another level of “I know how to dress myself” to a weekend-ready look. Yes, perhaps one for the man who uses the adjective “flashy” to describe himself on a dating profile, we still applaud the paisley shirt as much as we do the man not afraid to step outside of his comfort zone.