The Coolest Jacket You’ll Ever Own


An investment that will last a lifetime and the definitive symbol of sartorial cool, make room in your wardrobe for the Honne leather biker jacket


To loosely paraphrase Marlon Brando – the man responsible for catapulting the leather jacket into the echelon of fashion brands worldwide – our Honne leather biker jacket is one you really can’t refuse. Symbolic of the bad boy and the one true piece that encapsulates the very epitome of rebel cool, the classic leather biker jacket has had a long, rich history in fashion: from its beginnings as an essential for bikers right up to the present day where it now regularly makes its way down the catwalks at all the major fashion shows.

While the very first leather jacket dates back to the First World War, the biker version originates in the Twenties and is, arguably, the most desirable jacket in the leather family. Iconoclastic of a time where Hollywood actors had genuine star power before becoming the emblem of bad boy rockers in the Seventies and Eighties (The Ramones, Elvis, etc), the biker jacket is one of those rare styles that has managed to retain its relevance since its inception.

The Honne Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is indispensable to any man who takes his style seriously, particularly for those times that warrant a little less polish (it is, after all, the go-to for off-duty models). The Honne puts forward a contemporary spin on a classic thanks in large part to our designers' efforts to pay homage to the original design, silhouette and overall rebellious aesthetic. Moving away from the more boxy shapes of the past, the Honne is cut to a slim fit, pulling the jacket firmly into the 21st century.

From the asymmetric zip fastening to the smaller silver-tone hardware that pepper the jacket, every detail on the Honne is carefully considered to best capture the form and functionality of the earlier versions, and once it is properly cared for (see below) the Honne will last you a lifetime of wears. So, whether you count yourself as cool or not, faking it is as easy as slipping on the perfect leather jacket. You’re welcome.

How to look after your leather jacket

Now that you’ve found the perfect leather jacket it’s important to look after such an investment. There are three things to remember when it comes to caring for leather: protect, clean and condition. You may think leather is waterproof, but you’d be mistaken: it’s not.

Before you apply a protective cream, first use a leather wipe (usually found in all good shoe stores) and gently lift surface dirt and dust from the jacket. Next, use a protective cream or spray to provide water and strain protection. Most leather shoe protectants can be used on all leather products, but do check the label beforehand to be sure. Depending on how often you wear it, apply at least every three months. Leather, like most premium fabrications, should also be conditioned every six months. The conditioner will penetrate the leather’s pores and help soften and moisturise the jacket, which will also give the jacket a little more flexibility in movement.

When it comes to hanging up your jacket we recommend using a padded hanger to help maintain its shape. Don’t cover it in plastic as it may cause the leather to dry out and always store it somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.