The small details can make or break your tailored look. Discover which detail to wear for your needs and requirements.



A lapel is the folded flap of cloth on a suit jacket, located just where the shoulders begin. A notch lapel is the venerable option and is categorised by a notch where the jacket collar meets the lapel at a 75-to-90-degree angle. It’s also the most versatile one to wear. A peak lapel is defined by the lapel edges pointed up towards the shoulders and is better suited to occasions. 



Our suits feature three different types of pockets. A flap pocket is the classic choice for work suiting. A jetted pocket is the opposite both in effect and construction and is most often associated with suiting for formal occasions. A patch pocket is the more relaxed of the two, bringing a more casual aesthetic to a suit jacket.



The vents rest at the base of a blazer’s back and come in two styles. A blazer with a double vent is the more traditional of the two and is classic in style and look. A single vent is modern and clean in design.