Reiss Personal Tailoring

Few things in life are more luxurious or uniquely personal than a tailor made suit. Our personal tailoring experience is a manageable seventeen stage process which ensures every detail is explored to craft your perfect suit.

Stage 1 — Fabric

The best way to start visualising your suit is through the fabric. Handpick yours from our luxury selection comprising of 50 different English and Italian options in a variation of colours.

Stage 2 – Style

Choose your style of suit, be it every day, occasion or tuxedo.

Stage 3 — Jacket Style

Select one of our four key jacket styles. Tuxedo and single button suits fall into the realm of formal attire, while if your preference is a classic style, opt for a two button or double-breasted design.

Stage 4 — Lapel

Take a classic approach and opt for a clean notch lapel, or bring a non-compromising formality to your jacket with a statement peak.

Stage 5 — Pockets

The customised pocket can make all the difference. To complement a slim block, opt for a slant, otherwise a straight pocket will correspond nicely with a shorter proportioned jacket.

Stage 6 — Cuff Buttons

Personalise your cuff with either the modern and minimal single button, or give proportion to the arm with a traditional four button option.

Stage 7 — Vents

Jacket vents were created to allow better movement and comfort for the wearer as well as being a stylish touch. Single and side vents will both provide a smooth silhouette to the back of the jacket.

Stage 8 — Waistcoat

Add a waistcoat to create a 3 piece suit. This can be an immediate decision or a later consideration to add versatility to your look.

Stage 9 — Trouser Style

Choose from flat fronted or single pleat trousers. The flat front trouser offers a smart look with a clean line, while our deep single pleat trouser falls closer to the knee for a more dramatic look.

Stage 10 — Waist Details

Customise your waistband with side adjusters or belt loops. Side adjusters offer a slim silhouette under waistcoats, while belt loops offer styling versatility with your collection of belts and shoes.

Stage 11 — Trouser Bottoms

Finish your trouser with either plain bottoms or turn ups. The simplicity of plain bottoms offers a timeless, cleaner look while turn up trousers exude a more stylised dandy-influence.

Stage 12 — Lining/Piping

Customise the internal detailing with colour, lining and piping. With 20 lining choices, a fully lined jacket holds superb shape for frequent use, while half lining is a lighter and comfortable option.

Stage 13 — Buttons

For a finishing touch, select a button to complement your jacket. With 15 choices, you could firstly select a bold button, which can later be replaced with a more versatile style if you so choose

Stage 14 — Undercollar Melton

Select a matching or contrasting undercollar melton. In 6 colours complementary to our suiting fabrics, choose from a subtle tone or a bolder, contrasting option in pillar box red or royal blue.

Stage 15 — Buttonholes

Select thread colours for your buttonholes in a range of shades. A personalised buttonhole can express a unique quirk or heritage, most popularly to the bottom buttonhole.

Stage 16 — Measurements

Your measurements will be taken to refine your suit and ensure a precise fit during a 90 minute appointment. Measurements will then be kept on file for future additions to your wardrobe.

Stage 17 — The Finished Suit

Your suit will have an expected delivery time of 6-8 weeks. We recommend considering an added time allowance for fitting and tweaking the final, polished result.

The Reiss Personal Tailoring experience is a luxury approach to formal menswear. This comprehensive made to measure suits service perfectly represents the modern Reiss man.

The 17 stage customisation process allows the client to become the designer choosing every detail from fabric, styling, lining and trims, creating a defined and confident investment for the discerning gentleman.

Prices for a two-piece suit range from £645 to £1345 depending on the suit fabric choice, with all customisation options included.

Expected delivery lead time is 6-8 weeks

This exclusive service is available at the following locations:

Market Place, W1H 7AJ 
Barrett Street, W1U 1BA 
Regent Street Personal Shopping & Tailoring, W1B 5TH 
Long Acre, WC2E 9PA 
Kings Road, SW3 4TX 
10-11 Vigo Street, W1S 3EJ 
One New Change, EC4M 9AD 
Westfield White City, W12 7GF 
Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent, DA9 9SN
Birmingham Bull Ring, B5 4BG 
Bristol Quaker Friars, BS1 3BZ 
Reiss Mens Shop, Victoria Quarter, Leeds, LS1 6BH 
Liverpool One, L1 3DE
Nottingham, NG1 2GJ

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