Four Grooming Tips For Party Season


Invitation? Check. Outfit? Check. Appearance? We've got your back...


Whether a fancy work event or a festive night out with friends, your social calendar is at its peak at this time of year. Unfortunately, the cold, unpredictable weather combined with city congestion and grime can leave us looking a little worse for wear. Yes, you may have just purchased a brand-new suit for your party, but what about you?

First things first, start with your face. The days of getting away with a splash of cold water in the morning are, thankfully, time past. For gleaming skin, gently wash your face with a scrub at least a day before the event. It’s best to scrub after a shower as the warm water will have opened your pores, allowing for a more effective clean. Next step, apply moisturiser. As men’s skin is more prone to oiliness, opt for a non-greasy or mattifying cream. If you’ve had a particularly “busy” weekend that’s left you with dark circles, use an eye cream to rejuvenate the skin, reduce puffiness and combat against the general signs of fatigue.


Next step is your facial hair. Yes, beards may be a thing nowadays, but no one found Tom Hanks in Cast Away attractive. Maintenance is essential, so start with a beard brush and work against the grain so the hairs stand out. Use clippers to trim down long hairs for a more even shape and for your moustache, a scissors is best to cut away those hairs around your lips. There’s a special place reserved in one of the nine circles of Dante’s hell for neckbeard, so shave your neck to just above your Adam’s apple. You can do a wet shave for a hard finish, or if you prefer a gradual fade, change the head on your clippers and trim to your preference. To finish, comb your beard with beard oil for a soft, conditioned feel.

If you prefer a clean-shaven face, it’s important to prep your skin beforehand. Use warm water and pre-shave oil to open your pores and lather shaving cream on your face and neck for a smooth shave. In short strokes, shave in the direction your hair grows. This will be different for the face, neck and lower chin. Once you’ve finished shaving, splash cold water on your face to close pores and then apply an aftershave oil to soothe the skin. Apply this oil for at least two days following your shave to minimise the red bumps that can develop around the neck area.


When it comes to your hair, Sam Otway of Closed On Monday has this to say: Blow-dry it into place on the morning of the party, which will help when restyling it later on in the day. If possible, use a water-based hair product as it is easier to restyle than an oil-based one. Closed On Monday Strong Pomade is ideal for this. Not only is it perfect for reworking your hairstyle, but the product smells great too thanks to its fragrances of Sicilian lemon and black pepper. Just before the event, nip to the bathroom, place your hands under warm water, shake off the excess and run your hands through your hair. Finish by combing the style into place. After a short while the pomade will reset, leaving your hair looking sharp.


Of course, you can't leave for the party without ensuring you scent is on point too. For the final finishing touch, spritz some eau de parfum on your wrists and neck to ensure you leave a lasting impression long after the confetti has been cleaned up off the floor.