Curated by Reiss, The Collaborations is a collection of products which will enable your life to be lived that little bit more stylishly.

At Reiss, we're firm believers that the clothes which a man wears are just the beginning of the process of cultivating great style. Whether in the lines of extraordinary architecture or in the curves of a particularly beautifully-designed piece of technology, the exploration of taste can take a man far and wide. Truly inspiring style is found in many places. For SS17 we’ve collaborated with an array of brands who differ in aesthetic and identity but share a common commitment to impeccable design and functionality.


Born in Los Angeles in 2001, footwear brand Clae arose from an idea to equip a generation that grew up wearing sneakers with more elegant alternatives. Taking inspiration from mid-century modern design, the brand is built on timelessness and comfort, offering premium handmade sneakers that last. The result is footwear which fuses refined design and high quality construction with the brand’s signature laid-back Los Angeles feel.


With an illustrious history stretching back over 200 years, Christys’ have been crafting hats for generations and have become an institution within the world of British hatmaking. Established in 1773, the company is steeped in heritage and can lay claim to providing high-quality headwear for some of the world’s most distinguished figures. Today Christys’ marries a hand manufacturing technique which has been honed over two centuries with contemporary innovations to ensure that each and every hat offers unrivalled quality and timeless style.


Few footwear brands can lay claim to having as much of a profound effect on the way men dress than Spring Court. Way back in 1936 the very first pair of Spring Courts were designed as tennis shoes for play on clay. Over the decades the essence of the original shoes has remained intact but design innovations have enabled each pair to be worn far beyond the playing field. As a result, the Spring Court design has cemented its status as one of the most iconic footwear models ever.


Based in Stockholm, Monokel Eyewear design and produce handcrafted sunglasses which mix simplicity, functionality and exacting attention to detail. Crafted from plant-based acetate, each pair of frames reference Nordic mid-century modernism and are equipped with Carl Zeiss Vision lenses. Offering that fine balance between timelessness and innovation, Monokel Eyewear frames have been designed to sit in your accessories collection for years rather than seasons.


Swims footwear may have sprung to life just a short decade ago, but the design philosophy underpinning the brand is far older. Born from a marriage of traditional Norwegian necessity to fend off the elements and a desire to give a robustly functional item a bold new identity, Swims shoes fuse the best of tradition, performance and modern design.


Based in the heart of London’s West End since 1875, Liberty has become one of the world’s leading luxury department stores, instantly recognisable for its unique product offering and visual styling. The brand’s Liberty London range is designed in-house using the finest fabrics and lends all manner of garments and accessories a distinctive yet iconic aesthetic.


Ash Black and his love of denim were the catalysts which brought the Mr Black range of garment care products to life. Upon realising that there was no way of protecting his beloved denim, Ash set upon a journey to develop a range of products to cleanse, revitalise, and protect his jeans. Working with some of Australia’s leading texting technologists, Ash created the Mr Black garment care range which offers unrivalled protection for a comprehensive range of clothing.



Founded by Albert Handschin in 1884, Swiss-based Hanro has garnered a reputation for producing the finest underwear, daywear, nightwear and loungewear. Committed to innovation and championing classic design above passing trends, each piece from the brand offers the perfect balance of understated luxury and technical performance. As a result, Hanro has become a byword for luxury loungewear.