What makes a Reiss coat, jacket or knit remain stylish season after season?
We base our design philosophy on enduring modernity. We believe a design should be born bold and defiant; a response to a collective need, and then age to become a classic; not fall into obsolescence.
We question non-functioning design features, elements and jarring details. We subtract to refine and reveal the essence of a design. If, as a result, a product loses its reason to be, there was no product in the first place.
We design with confidence to interpret macrotrends our way, only embracing what identifies with our signature style and declining any idea that is not Reiss.

Our customer is a discerning style seeker. We only offer what we believe will stay in their wardrobe for seasons to come. When the physical life of a product is over, will they gladly replace it with the same? We source the best materials – time-tested or cutting-edge – to achieve the highest aesthetic quality and then maintain it. If resilience is not part of the answer, we discard it. We opt for the best craft. From the density of a knit to the stitches-per-inch count of a garment, resilience is non-negotiable. We don't cut corners.

We help our customers care for their items. Washing, storage and upkeep instructions and repair advice are part of our ongoing conversation. We offer add-ons that prolong the life of the product. We go to every effort because we believe in a life of authentic style that transcends fashion, and is intrinsically sustainable, as such we are committed to our purpose as a modern fashion house that designs and curates enduring style.


In addition to delivering enduring style and quality, Reiss is committed to the constant development of the ethical and sustainable management of its operations. These standards start with the choice and traceability of raw materials through to the production, all the way to our customer services.


- Reducing our carbon emissions to zero or less by 2040;
- Reducing our waste to zero by 2025;
- Complying with all relevant sustainability legislation in the areas where we operate;
- Reducing the use of water and energy in all our activities;
- Promoting awareness of environmental management and leadership throughout our business;
- Developing our enduring-style philosophy, ensuring our product remains relevant and wearable for several seasons, reducing waste for obsolescence;
- Working on continuous improvement on sustainability initiatives such as packaging alternatives, in-store architecture, and other non-product-related aspects;
- Continuing the development of our environmental strategy to meet our targets;
- Working on the traceability of our raw materials and finished products;
- Releasing annual reports on progress against environmental objectives and targets.


Reiss partners with The Better Cotton Initiative to improve cotton farming globally. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance and is not physically traceable to end products. See here for details. We are committed to sourcing 100% of our cotton as more sustainable cotton by 2025. More sustainable cotton includes recycled cotton, organic cotton and Fairtrade cotton.