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As we enter the most decadent days in our social diaries, the party season has arrived, and with it comes dressing up, glamour and a sense of drama.

The Arrival

Make an entrance at the party and do your dress justice, by opting for luxurious outerwear.

Black coat, Black dress 


All Black

Try top-to-toe black, just play with the textures to keep your look rich and interesting.

Lace dress, Heeled sandals, Gloves – stylist’s own


Lady in Red

The ultimate show-stopping shade, commit to scarlet by matching your accessories.

Red dress, Rae red heels, Miro clutch bag


Great Lengths

Minimalist in design, but tactile in texture, maxi cognac leather makes a statement.

Leather dress


Le Smoking

Instantly stand out in a sea of dresses by opting for a Seventies-inpired tuxedo suit.

Black jacket, Smart black trousers, Addison clutch


Python Print

Sexy python print takes a modern turn in a sleek and simple bodycon shape.

Print dress, Weave bag


SHOP ALL PARTY                            AFTER MIDNIGHT FEATURE

This season our campaign was shot in the Royal Opera House and The Savoy Theatre; both treasured venues steeped in history and nothing short of iconic. The mood was theatrical, there was a sense of drama and a heady hit of old-school dressing up and glamour took centre stage.

So as the parties which are slowly filling our social diaries stretch ahead of us, we sought to create a similar mood with our Into the Night shoot. The Reiss Creative Team made its way to the Town Hall Hotel in London’s Bethnal Green to shoot the story, and its Art Deco interior brought our shoot to life.

The looks were pure decadence, with full-length leather maxis, Gatsby-esque beaded dresses and Studio 54-inspired tuxedos all gracing the  marbled floors of this beautiful building.

It’s important to make an entrance at festive engagements and thanks to the elements outside, a great coat is essential to those all-important first impressions, which is why our Thoby coat perched on the shoulders of our Angelina tux jacket makes for the perfect cover-up.

Accessorising adds to the glamour; elbow-length gloves evoke a vintage feel, as do beaded clutches and always step out in statement shoes.

Of course it’s the dress which will ensure you stand out from the crowd, so don’t hold back. Our Evangeline bodycon dress in lipstick red is instantly arresting with its peek-a-boo lace panels. Commit to its scarlet tones by complementing the look with matching red accessories.

Those with a love for icons of the past should slip into our Chevvy dress which is embellished with silver and black beading and wouldn’t look out of place in Daisy Buchanan’s wardrobe. Or, skip a few decades and look to the 1970s when tuxedo suits fell into favour.

Alternatively, if you like to keep things simple, our Hedra dress in cognac leather is a sleek head-turner and Fion in python print was born to party.

It’s time to get dressed up and head into the night.