Insiders - The Girls


Let us introduce you to five stylish girls from Reiss HQ, each with their own individual look and approach to fashion. Sit back and swish through their style essentials, icons in fashion and must-have wardrobe pieces which help to craft their look – needless to say, we love their style.

Gail wear: Mira coat, Drury shirt (Menswear) Wallis trousers Soren top

About the Shoot

Reiss HQ is buzzing with stylish guys and girls, and daily conversations often centre around someone’s killer outfit, or where they bought those amazing shoes.

So, as an ode to this company-wide approach to snappy dressing and unique style, we introduce you to five of our most particularly well turned-out girls.

Taking trends into account, but never slavishly following them, our girls know what they like and ensure that they place their own personal spin on each and every look. Whether it’s in their choice of accessories, approach to styling or simply the key pieces they decide to champion, they always look incredible.

From subtleties like stacked silver bracelets and the rolled cuffs on trousers to more obvious style statements like a flash of red lipstick or a dramatic wide-brimmed hat, there’s always something new to discover.

Their overall style though, is a personal reflection which stems deeper than merely garments, so we asked our girls who they love, where they love and what they love. After all, inspiration comes from all corners of life; be it your favourite film, book, city or style icon.

Each girl tells her own style story and builds a new chapter every day, so sit back and swish through our insiders and their unique style.