As Londoners, we are well-acquainted with our glorious city, and what better way to enjoy the capital than cycling through its streets? Let us introduce you to one of our most stylish cyclists, who has the bike, the look and the best of the city on their daily route to work.

About the Shoot

London has been our home for over 40 years and it’s where our story began, so we’ve always had a soft spot for this very modern city.

The summer’s sporting events prompted us to write our Reiss Guide to London which cherry-picks all the very best places to eat, drink, sleep, shop and see in the capital.

And so, with the current focus firmly on our city, we speak to one of our designers, Alice Tibble, about her bike, her look and why she loves cycling in London.

Admitting she’s a ‘fair-weather’ cyclist, Alice has been riding daily since spring, cycling from the East End to Reiss HQ in Picton Place in around 25 minutes.

Whizzing past the 55 bus and feeling thankful she’s not on it, she revels in her morning cycle.

“Cycling to work is quicker and cheaper than public transport, and it’s great to escape the central line in the morning”, says Alice.

“I love my vintage-look bike; it’s a real cruiser and is perfect for a leisurely ride into work. It might be better suited to gentle riverside routes, but it’s always greatly admired on my commute”, she continues.

Not just a Monday-to-Friday cyclist, Alice utilises her bike throughout the weekend, sailing through the East End hopping off wherever she fancies.

When it comes to cycle style, Alice’s favourite pieces from the shoot were the Joyce track pants and Bambi blouse as they’re light, stylish and perfect for cycling. Always rating trousers over dresses for practicality, Alice’s other essential is her helmet – a must for city cycling.

So, from east to west, a ride into work is part of this Londoner's every day - after all, it’s the most stylish way to enjoy the city this summer.