Ready to emerge after a long winter, summer’s prints are nature-inspired and take an understudy in florals. Fine-tuned for impact or subtlety, wear them to work or on the weekends - they’re vibrant, versatile and play to your own personal style.


Go all-out in a printed maxi dress for maximum impact.

Effie maxi dress


Prints can go laidback or polished - it's all in the styling.

Eddi shirt and Morgan shorts  & Tia Eve jacket, Kali vest and Char skirt


Pair up matching prints in cool pyjama style for a modern slant.

Eddi shirt and Morgan shorts



Take prints a little grungier with some 90s angst - try long lengths and simple styling.

Effie maxi dress & Kali vest and Silvia maxi skirt


Use on-trend white as a strengthening base colour for your prints.

Tia Eve jacket


Print doesn't need to take over your look, a subtle hint is just as effective.

Tia Eve jacket, Kali poppy print vest and Kashma skirt & Kendall vest, Nana Eve shorts and Charline shoes


Take your prints to work with a stylish skirt and nipped waist jacket.

Tia Eve jacket, Kali poppy print vest and Kashma skirt


Our signature lotus print is a firm favourite this season.

Otto dress, Manu tee and Delia skirt


Bold shades of blue add an abstract feel to florals.

Pippy print top and Alana skirt.

About the Shoot

Print plays a pivotal part in a girl’s wardrobe when the seasons start to shift. Somehow feeling less important during the colder months, the moment mercury starts to rise, so does our desire to reach for these mood-lifting pieces.

Perhaps it’s an attitude thing? Do we feel more optimistic and daring during the summer, so our sartorial bravado goes up a notch? Whatever the reason behind our love for print, one thing’s for sure; its importance shows no sign of waning this season.

We’re very committed to prints in SS13, with four signature styles weaving their way through the collection; the lotus, poppy, sahara and gecko.

Nature-inspired and something of an understudy in florals, inspiration ranges from Nick Knight’s book and exhibition, Flora, to David Hockney’s exhibition,  A Bigger Picture, at the Royal Academy last year.

Finding themselves on a number of garments, from the humble tee to dramatic maxi dresses and more, how will we be wearing our favourite prints?

Our stylist, Gail Holland, suggests a little print blocking. Appearing in high-impact looks like the sahara print maxi dress, Effie, or by teaming matching pieces together, like the Eddi pyjama-style shirt and Morgan shorts in the gecko print, these looks are not for the faint-hearted.

You can take it a little grungier if you want a more nonchalant approach. Muted tones and simple shapes worn with splashes of your favourite print have a laid-back appeal.

Or, use white as an uncomplicated and on-trend block colour which lends strength and polish to those prints sitting at the prettier end of the scale.

Working from now until the height of summer, prints make an appearance in work, weekend and partywear this season, either as the lynchpin of your look or as a subtle accent - you choose how to fine-tune them to your style.

Get inspired by our signature prints.