The stylish girls of Reiss HQ venture out of the office and catch up over a coffee in their favourite SS14 pieces to talk inspirations, great style and muses.

What is your favourite piece from the SS14 collection?

The Veronica boot is a key shape and a fashion essential to take you from spring to summer.

What is your favourite must have piece from the REISS SS14 collection?

The Hayward bag as it fuses classic and contemporary style. I love the contrasting gold hardwear.


What does great style mean to you and who do you think has it?

Great style means keeping it simple and styling classic pieces that last a life time. I think the Parisian fashion editors, like Emmanuelle Alt exemplify this.

What’s your favourite piece from the SS14 collection?

The Jenn biker. I’m slightly obsessed with leather jackets.

Where do you go to ‘take five’ and get away from it all?

My best friend’s studio apartment in north London. It has a beach hut vibe and we spend hours there, pretending it’s summer and dreaming of our perfect futures.

About the Shoot


Our design teams have often said they feel inspired by what’s being worn around them, as this everyday relevance can help them to shape their collections. So it hardly comes as a surprise that a little inspiration might come from within the walls of Reiss HQ, especially when the stylish raft of employees are styling their favourite Reiss pieces each day. 

We’ve long celebrated our staff and their unique style with our Insiders shoots, and in our latest instalment, we gathered a stylish pocket of girls from each department and captured their afternoon of drinking coffees and discussing what or who inspires them sartorially or creatively.

From design to merchandising and ecommerce, our girls cite the Fifties and Sixties as a dream era, which coincidentally marries up with the decades that our SS14 collection drew inspiration from.


And who do the girls look up to sartorially? Bianca Jagger, fashion editor Emanuelle Alt and The Olsen twins all crop up – total moodboard stalwarts.

When it comes to what they like to wear; pairing simple, classic pieces together to create modern, wearable ensembles scores highly as they exude a sense of understated luxury. These girls are savvy dressers and know a classic when they see one, whether it be a chic turtle neck knit, a beautifully-cut blazer, or a perfectly-designed boot.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have a keen eye for trends though, and will be sporting artful prints and sporty sweatshirts this spring, too.

Offering the perfect moment to stop and think about what we wear and how we might have come to this conclusion, it’s an inspiring way to spend an afternoon. Just ask our Insiders…