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For AW14 think not of a wardrobe reinvention, but rather a wardrobe reinstatement and select the pieces which will form the backbone of your next season style.



For a willowy yet feminine silhouette, look to a floor skimming maxi in a feather light fabrication.



Whether kicking out at the waist or hem, it’s hard to deny the flirtatious appeal of the fit and flare dress.



Think pleats are all rigid structure and sharp lines? Think again. This season we’re embracing the very finest of folds.



Why should boys have all the fun? Take tailoring, give it a feminine twist, and let your sharply defined silhouette do the talking.



This season the iconic biker jacket comes of age, and is the easiest way to add tough girl cool to your look.



Do away with reams of fabric, reaching for a modern take on military outwear that’s been cropped to stylish perfection.



Whether dressed up or dressed down, catch the light by accessorising with glimmers of gold.



Inspired by flora, but revamped for right now, this season’s staple floral comes blurred beyond recognition.



Top-to-toe tailoring should tap into a penchant for an elongated aesthetic, closely following the body’s own lines.



Sitting high on the waist, this season’s must-have luxe leather skirt is statement-making at its most seductive.


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Before summer’s final flourish plays out in a blaze of glory, first cast your mind ahead to AW14’s wardrobe to ensure that you’re stylishly prepared to start the new season.

Though filled with a diverse and daring cast of pieces, all of the styles in this feature have one thing in common; they’re the must-haves which – when invested in – will form the backbone of your clothing repertoire for the whole season ahead. This isn’t a wardrobe reinvention, but rather a wardrobe’s reinstatement of origin – your fashion manifesto for all of AW14 and beyond.

Tapping into the season’s penchant for a subdued and sophisticated colour palette, many of the styles which facilitate this wardrobe reinstatement are rendered in shadowy or monochromatic hues and are ideal for seamlessly slotting into all manner of ensembles.

However, a fresh approach to styling gives way to exciting and inspiring new pairings, which mean that these staple pieces often take on surprising new roles. Blouses adorned with blooms are anything but twee thanks for artistic abstraction, and, when coupled with tough leather or denim suddenly seem a chasm away from the print in its traditional guise. Conversely leathers show their endless versatility, feeling just at home when worn with fine gauge knits or feather-light lace.

All-season wardrobe heroes may boast the peerless ability to be worn with practically anything, but achingly-cool design updates lend them all plenty of head-turning chic. Military-inspired outerwear comes sharply cut, the classic biker is punctuated by textural quilting, while this season’s leather skirt sits high on the waist and is the pinnacle of sensual luxury.

Elsewhere, we’re rethinking the way we address modern feminine style. This means that the season borrows style tips from the boys – we’ve repurposed fine tailoring for girls and it’s a treasure trove of elongated and elegant designs.

It’s not all crisp, clean lines though. Flirtatious fit and flare dresses which hug then kick out in all of the right places continue to embrace a softer, ladylike form.

And, what of accessorising? We’re going back to basics, and have sought out all of the most cherished styles and shapes, tweaked their design, and rendered them in luxury fabrications, for a fashionable – yet not entirely unfamiliar – design sensibility. Accented with glimmers of gold, this season’s accessories embrace a subdued sense of splendour.