Prints Please


This summer our approach to print adopts something of a maverick attitude. One print is not enough, instead we mix, match and clash in vibrant layers. From garden-inspired blooms to exotic insect wings and contemporary mosaics, prints are born to please.


Soft prints in sun-bleached shades off-set vibrant patterns with panache. Kara blouse, Shirley skirt


Try a knotted blouse or slit skirt to break up prints with flashes of skin. kara blouse, Shirley skirt


Keeping your blooms of similar proportions exudes symmetry and romance. Tiara top, Scout shorts


Take the plunge with a statement print top-to-toe. Athena Dress


Throw away the rule book and clash those prints completely. Jinny top, Bowie trousers, Rose shoes, Lucille bikini

About the Shoot

With so many prints flying around this summer it’s hard to choose which one to wear. So, the only solution is to wear them all at once. Not only is this a huge trend for the season, but also the ideal way to showcase your maverick styling skills.
Admittedly, a modicum of confidence is required to pull off print top-to-toe, but even if you’re feeling unsure, there are ways in which to tackle the trend without timidity.
Firstly, choose your prints wisely. Have you been romanced by summer’s garden blooms, tropical palms, exotic insect prints or graphic mosaics? The colour, proportion and style of your favourite prints will play a vital role when matching them together.

It’s important to balance your look; for instance, if this season’s florals are for you (they never fall out of style), you’ll find it’s easier to match balanced blooms as they instantly mirror each other in perfect symmetry.

For braver souls, a soft and strong fusion is the way to go. This is where you can experiment with a bolder print clash. Softer, pastel prints provide the perfect base for stronger, more vibrant prints in darker shades.

Also, use your own body to break things up — knot your shirt, dare to show some leg with a saucy slit in your skirt - these flashes of skin separate your prints and lighten your look.

Print aficionados will throw away the rule book and mix, match and clash till their heart’s dizzily content. Remember, it’s all in the attitude, if you look confident, you’re sure to pull it off.

Of course, if you’re finding all those careering patterns hard to digest, go for one statement print. Midi and maxi length dresses do the job effortlessly, resulting in head-turning appeal without the rebellious attitude of that naughty print clash.