We're packing our bags and heading to the Riviera this spring, where fresh, crisp white pieces interspersed with graphic, grounding black make up our look.


Break up the white-on-white blank canvas with just a hint of faint rose.


A luxe jumpsuit in inky blue is your sartorial one-stop to channel a little Riviera chic.


Go all-out in striking white by layering up with a stylish trio, one on top of the other.



Indulge in top-to-toe black, it’s as statement as all-white and wearable in early spring.


White-on-white instantly feels more relaxed in loose trousers and a sweatshirt.


When layering tone-on-tone, use juxtaposing texture to add richness and depth.


The jumpsuit lives and breathes the Riviera spirit offering a long and lean silhouette.


A pale gold knitted polo lends this fluted linen skirt a more casual vibe.


An understated white dress is Riviera and sunshine-ready in one simple step.

About the Shoot

Inspiration this season lies on the shores of the glittering Riviera and more specifically, with the bohemian lifestyle at its glamorous coastal resorts during the 1950s and '60s. And while the collection captures this spirit perfectly, it also lends a modern feel, with clean lines, strong shapes and a graphic colour palette to ensure a feeling of newness.

If this is conjures up visions of the stylish sophisticates which travelled, relaxed and partied during this time, you might feel inspired to reflect their style in your wardrobes this spring. 

We’re instantly transporting ourselves to this glamorous coastline with lots of white and the layering of it. Not only a key trend for the season, it provides the luxe, crisp, freshness that other colours fail to achieve. Yes, it’s high maintenance, but it’s utterly striking and can be grounded with the introduction of black (monochrome is also proving popular this spring) or softened with subtle flashes of blush pink, pale gold and off-whites.

Lending itself to a plethora of looks, white is finding its way into our suiting wardrobe with beautifully-cut jackets and wonderfully-relaxed trousers.

Team these tailored pieces with a loose top in faintest rose or a quilted sweatshirt and you instantly relax your look without losing crispness.

Texture is also important with white-one-white looks as they offer the depth and richness which is important when layering with one colour. So choose contrasting fabrics and enjoy their juxtaposing affect.

If all white doesn’t appeal, you can still achieve the Riviera look by throwing a little colour onto your blank canvas. Softer shades tend to feel the most feminine, and we favour blush, nude-y pinks or antique golds to break things up a little.

Or, in total contrast, forgo all-white altogether and opt for top-to-toe black instead. Equally as chic and impactful, we’re coveting jumpsuits in inky midnight blue and jet black pieces one on top of the other.

Black, white and the odd accent shade are all you need to take a sartorial trip to the Riviera this spring.