We've introduced you to Insiders from one side of the pond, so now it's time to cross the Atlantic and meet the most stylish members of Reiss NYC. Each with their own individual look and approach to fashion, sit back and swish through the streets of New York as we introduce Reiss N.Y.C.

Tulip shirt, Joanna trousers, Carlina clutch (coming soon)

About the Shoot

The same brand but with an entire ocean between its employees, we’re always fascinated by how our New York counterparts style their Reiss pieces, compared to those in the UK. It says as much about culture, environment and attitude as it does about fashion, and we’re hooked.

In our long-running Insiders feature, we’ve met various friends and members of the Reiss family, and have introduced how they wear Reiss in their everyday, so felt it was only right we should cross the Atlantic and showcase how our New Yorkers do it, too.

Climate, we feel, is on their side. Colour, print and texture looks amazing against a sun-streamed New York street, but there’s no denying that our NYC team wear it well. Nailing trans-seasonal dressing, our NYC Insiders have taken our AW12 collection and shown us how they're wearing it.

With their own unique style they’ve incorporate Reiss into their wardrobe with a dash of personal flair. We love the attention to detail; vintage glasses, jaunty pocket squares, colour mixes and statement jewellery, all going towards crafting a killer outfit.

Even the subtleties are great; the flash of coloured bra, a hint of bling at an earlobe or a loosely-knotted tie. And, we’ve noticed a recurring styling theme; hefty gold watches peeking below cuffs or worn over the top of sleeves. We might be stealing that one NYC!

So, from one side of the pond to the other, there’s no denying there’s differences in style, and that’s what we love about all our Insiders; individual, unique and above all else, stylish.