In The SS16 Report get up to speed with all of the trends, colours and styles to look out for in the coming months. This is our design vision.

He is the man who arrived shrouded in mystery, familiar yet unknown, who disappeared as quickly as he arrived. His home is anywhere he ventures, as comfortable in a dimly-lit metropolis as on the sun-bleached streets of a desert town. He is a walking embodiment of all that has touched him; people, places, sights, sounds, experiences.

Every season Reiss takes its inspiration from those men who live their lives to the fullest while looking their very best doing so. For SS16 we pay tribute to the traveller who – despite the limiting practicalities of a life lived from a suitcase – takes his style with him wherever he may be. Restlessly inquisitive yet assured of his own tastes, the man we had in mind when creating the collection gathers the best of everything that he has seen.


As a result prints, textures and diverse design references come together in a cocktail of east-meets-west influences. Meanwhile, shape and form embody sharp, contemporary style which is realised in a constantly evolving colour palette.


It is not only style that the traveller requires however, utility must inform every outfit choice that he makes. Subsequently, fabrics have been chosen for their luxury, endurance and appropriateness for varying climes.

From the outset, this season will see Reiss menswear presented in a dazzling kaleidoscope of vivid shades. So, alongside an anchoring base of navy, green and black, rust tones and tones of the earth are played out in their entirety. Often bold and uncompromising - though at times gently muted - SS16’s colour palette is best considered as a journey through exotic yet organic shades.

Fabric and form lead this season’s cast of new trends to look out for. In the case of the former, suede and linen give rise to new ways to wear seasonal staples for very different reasons. From a belted safari jacket to suede shoes and accessories, this buttery soft fabric makes the case for menswear that feels every bit as good to touch as it does to look at. Linen meanwhile lends a new-found lightness to suiting and is found in a variety of innovative blends.


True to the season’s fascination for exploration, the golden age of safari style reverberates throughout SS16’s offering. We've given a timeless design philosophy a firmly modern spin.


At the other end of the spectrum, the 1971 Collection presents a more relaxed take on contemporary dressing. Sportswear-inspired pieces offer that prized combination of comfort and style which will not only enhance their wearer’s appearance but will feel like a pleasure to live in too.


It’s not just form and fabrication that define the direction of this season’s menswear, but also print and pattern which cycle through a range of inventive designs. Whether geometric, inspired by the natural world or as if etched by hand, SS16 is full of innovative and original printed fabrics.

For SS16 occasionwear caters not only to sartorial needs but fulfils the key requirement of offering a cool and comfortable wear. Suiting and shirts been woven in varying linen mixes, so no matter where they’re worn they’ll offer that essential combination of fashion and function.


On SS16’s tailoring lines and cuts have been softened and are best worn with a sense of ease. That means separates can be mixed and matched while shawl and grandad collars offer a relaxed yet refined take on wearing suiting. For all but the most formal occasions, a silk scarf will make a handsome substitute for a tie, while in certain situations it’s perfectly acceptable to forgo socks when wearing formal shoes.

For SS16, high summer at Reiss signals a return to a time when dressing for the heat placed equal importance on staying cool and looking well put-together. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than on Cuban collar shirts and knitted polo shirts (ideally worn with tailored chino trousers) which riff on the most iconic designs of time gone by. Though high summer may look to some of menswear’s most memorable moments, make no mistake about it, pieces for the year’s hottest days are uncompromisingly contemporary.


Take our collaborations for example. The return of our partnership with Steamline Luggage sees a classic hand-made traveller case reimagined in a fresh, new colourway. Meanwhile a partnership with Christys’ sees panama hats reintroduced for the modern man’s holiday wardrobe.


As always, functional expertise finds itself at the heart of summer’s offering and for the very first time we’ve collaborated with Swims footwear. By tapping their knowledge of what makes shoes perform for every step and combining it with impeccable style, the perfect summer footwear is born.