Don’t let climbing temperatures make you lose your cool. We reveal the rules of dressing practically and stylishly for work in the heat.

Linen is no longer just appropriate for wearing while you’re on holiday. This season’s suiting embraces innovative new blends, so wearing tailoring for work in summer will be no impediment to feeling comfortable. To keep extra cool swap out a cotton shirt in favour of a linen design.

Getting hot under the collar doesn't have to be a routine part of your working day when warm weather arrives. A grandad collar shirt will add increased comfort to your workwear wardrobe and is an easy way to add an air of stylish nonchalance. Complement this collar’s laid-back feel with a pair of light tailored trousers.

The humble T-shirt deserves consideration for your working wardrobe come summer, all it needs is a few canny styling tricks to make it feel suitably formal.  Stick to a white T-shirt for freshness, then layer beneath a black or navy suit.