As Londoners, we are well-acquainted with our glorious city, and what better way to enjoy the capital than cycling through its streets? Let us introduce you to one of our most stylish cyclists, who has the bike, the look and the best of the city on their daily route to work.

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About the Shoot

London has been our home for over 40 years and it’s where our story began, so we’ve always had a soft spot for this very modern city.

The summer’s sporting events prompted us to write our Reiss Guide to London which cherry-picks all the very best places to eat, drink, sleep, shop and see in the capital.

And so, with the current focus firmly on our city, we speak to friend of the Reiss family, Lewis Malpas, about his bike, his look and why he loves cycling in London.

Lewis rides a 'Bianchi Pista Via Condotti', using it every day getting to and from work.

Lewis says, “It’s perfect for London commuting, it’s a really simple but beautiful bike, with the bare minimum of components, meaning I don’t have to do much bike maintenance, which is great!”

“Riding in the summer is amazing” he continues, “I see parts of London you can’t see on the tube. The highlight of my journey is riding in front of Buckingham Palace and up Constitution Hill - you feel like you’re in a movie!”


Lewis loved the blazer look from our shoot; “I’m a big advocate of the double-breasted blazer and I especially loved the styling on this look”, says Lewis.

“Wearing a DB blazer with denim and a sweatshirt may seem contradictory but I personally think it adds an element of attitude and style”, he adds.

With a casual approach to cycle style, Lewis says, “Weather permitting, I typically stick to a tee, shorts and Converse, as this keeps my temperature down to a tolerable level. That said, I have always admired Rapha for its stylish, retro cyclewear”.

With “an element of pressure to dress the part”, Lewis says, “It’s really interesting to see how different cyclists dress, and ride, depending on the type of bike they are riding.”

So there you have it, proof that a man and his bike are sartorially in tune. Cycling in the city has never looked so stylish.