TV Presenter and Fashion Journalist, Louise Roe, may have left the capital for sun-soaked Los Angeles a few years ago, but with west London as a well-worn stomping ground and a finger still firmly on the city’s fashion pulse, Louise’s stylish life makes the perfect next chapter in our London Lives series. We caught up and talked fashion, from London to L.A.

Rocco knit, Tilly shorts, Grazia heels (coming soon)

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About the Shoot

On a cold February’s morning in a west London studio shooting our feature with Louise Roe - who has just got off a flight from L.A. for a whistle-stop stay in the capital before jetting back to the states for New York fashion week - it quickly becomes apparent that Louise’s working life is much like her eclectic, boho-infused style; multi-faceted.

The long-limbed, bouncy-haired fashion journalist has a number of enviable roles, from TV Presenter of MTV’S makeover show, Plain Jane to Fashion Editor at Large at US Glamour magazine and designing her own range of shoes and jewellery.

The busy fashionista is renowned for her style which was honed in London when working on magazines and has now gone transatlantic to sun-soaked Los Angeles, where Louise is now based.

When describing her personal style Louise admits she is quite influenced by the Seventies. “I like to wear boho - quite relaxed and lots of bright colour. Orange is my favourite right now – burnt orange, sherbet orange...” explains Louise.

And she finds inspiration from the likes of Seventies style icons Lauren Hutton, Talitha Getty and Farrah Fawcett, “sexy but in a laidback way, not an overt way,” she says.

So how does she work these inspirations into her everyday style, particularly when filming is on the agenda? “My job actually does affect what I wear in a few ways. You can’t wear little prints or stripes on TV because it pixelates, so even from a technical perspective bright colours look much better,” explains Louise. “I wear bright colours, bigger prints, fitted shapes and cinched-in high waists, so you don’t look enormous on telly because it adds 10 pounds to you!” she continues.

Getting camera-ready must be second nature to Louise, who walked onto our set immediately knowing what to do in front of the camera. “Make-up-wise, learn how to put on a false lash because they’re amazing whether you’re on telly or not,” laughs Louise, “they really pop open the face.”

“And don’t be afraid to try colour on your nails, on your lips, on your shoe. If you’re a bit scared of a new trend you don’t have to do it head-to-toe, just do it with accessories,” she advises.

Wise words from a lady who’s spent her fair share of time in front of the camera, reporting from the Oscars, undoubtedly the world's most glamorous event. And as an L.A.-dwelling Brit, how does she find the style in L.A.?

“L.A. style is really interesting, it’s kind of two extremes; the red carpet, where people are head-to-toe in a gown, or on the street where people are quite laidback”, she explains.

So is there anything about London style Louise misses? “I like how experimental people in London are and how much they mix vintage pieces with something high street. The high street isn’t the same in L.A., so it’s lucky there’s a Reiss there,” she jokes.

And when she does head back to this side of the pond, where’s her first port of call? “Notting Hill is where I used to live and I love going back there. I love all the little restaurants and boutiques. Westbourne Grove is just amazing,” she says. “And then, Oxford Circus is brilliant if you can face the crowds for all the shopping.”

We have no doubt that Louise manages to battle through when she’s back. You can take a girl out of west London...