We caught up with four of our most sharply-dressed shop staff to find out about their personal style, as well as what’s at the top of their Christmas wishlists this year. From London to Birmingham, we discovered that one thing our staff members have in common is an acute eye for terrific tailoring.

Jon wears: Chelsea suit, Neptune roll neck, Waverley pocket square, shoes and socks are Jon's own.

Daniel wears: Bowler polo knitGadsbury waistcoat and trousers.

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About the Shoot

To work on the shop floor in one of our stylish stores, it’s essential that you have a passion for timeless and fantastic quality clothing. When it comes to our menswear staff, the thread seems to be that they all hold a deep appreciation for impeccable tailoring. So much so, they are all dapper gentleman themselves.

This month we caught up with four of the sharpest, sartorial squires to grace our shop floors, to get the lowdown on their personal style preferences. We also found out what’s on the top of their Christmas wishlists, as well as the one item they can’t live without over the festive season.

Well-cut blazers, eye-catching pocket squares and polished brogues were all features that our fantastic four shared. What they also had in common, which is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to style, is a natural confidence and ease with what they were wearing.

It doesn’t matter how well cut or fitted your suit, if you don’t wear it with confidence you will just look uncomfortable. Style is a personal form of expression, and there is no right or wrong, so wear your ensemble with pride and assurance.

Of course, there’s a difference between self-assurance and arrogance. Our stylish shop staff never slip into this territory, as they always have an air of grace and elegance to the way they carry themselves.

Knitwear, outerwear and partywear are all unsurprisingly at the top of our shop staff’s Christmas wishlists. A roll neck is an understandable choice for one item that can’t be lived without over the festive season, as it is the perfect substitute for the formality of a shirt and tie.

From our store staff to HQ, we at Reiss hope you have the perfect Christmas and receive everything you wish for.