With over 200 years’ worth of experience making hats the traditional way, Christys’ were a natural choice for The Collaborations. Crafted with all the care that you’d expect from this British accessories institution, below you’ll find three styles of hats (two classic, one contemporary) which every man should consider adding to his accessories collection. They may all offer a distinct finishing touch, but each is equally easy to wear.


There are few hats (if any) so synonymous with the golden age of menswear than the fedora hat. If the design’s indented crown and asymmetrically positioned brim aren't reason enough to fall in love with the headwear, then cast your mind to images of Frank Sinatra wearing the design to impressive effect in his heyday.


How to pull off with panache? Always ensure that you make the fedora look modern, go too traditional and you'll run the risk of paying a little too much homage to this iconic accessory. We recommend wearing your fedora with contemporary print and pattern. The overcoat and fedora hat have always made a handsome pairing, take your outerwear gently flecked to lend the look up-to-date verve.


The baseball cap is ubiquitous. Whether on its native sports field (thank you baseball) or city streets, the design is prized just for its sun shielding practicality yes, but also for its style credentials. It’s certainly no exaggeration to say that the baseball cap is more often misworn than worn well, but don’t let that put you off.


The key to wearing a baseball cap well is both in the hat’s design and your styling. Leave sports caps to sportsmen and plump for a logo-free design crafted from high-quality materials. This season navy, blue, grey and black caps are all shrewd choices which are best worn with similarly pared-back tones. One further note to observe, as the baseball cap has the tendency to give outfits a laid-back spin, don’t be afraid to dress the design up by wearing with an overcoat.


Like its close cousin the fedora hat, the trilby hat is one of the sharpest accessories a man can own. Boasting a smaller brim than the fedora, the trilby offer a subtler (though no less natty) way to top off an outfit. Though undeniably debonair, this versatile design is endlessly versatile and has subsequently been adopted by countless different style tribes.


How to wear well now? Pair with a contemporary camel overcoat (a few shades lighter than usual) a rollneck jumper and laid-back indigo jeans for a look that's every bit as insulating as it is stylish. Don't forget to wear as intended; the hat's brim should fall down gently at the front and turn up gently at the back.