The life of denim doesn't just begin when you pull a pair of jeans on. From the very first thread to the finished pair, our jeans have been woven, cut, washed, dyed and treated to offer that prized feeling of weightlessness that’s so essential in a pair of jeans. Though each pair has been carefully designed with no detail ignored, jeans – perhaps more than any other item of clothing – become what their owner makes of them, and their journey of evolution continues long after they've been crafted. No matter how ripped, scuffed, worn or weathered jeans get, the perfect pair is hard to let go of. That’s because we spend our days in denim.


There’s no doubt about it, light blue jeans are synonymous with a man’s off-duty wardrobe. Don’t let conventional wisdom that they’re an informal choice convince you that they’re not a credible option for when you’re out of the office. Taken in the right cut, blue jeans can be an incredibly versatile choice. They’ll pair with almost anything and can easily be dressed up or down as your needs dictate.


The Gunther blue jeans resurrect all the design features that have made blue jeans such a wardrobe perennial. They've been stone washed to add all-important flexibility and a softer hand feel, while a gentle hand sanding process and whiskering through baking offers a lived in look.


Rock stars have known for years that black denim is a wear anywhere style. We too are firm believers that the perfect pair of black jeans are the ultimate daytime-evening trouser. Whether worn with a T-shirt and blazer or a leather jacket and sweatshirt, there are few sartorial scenarios that black jeans look out of place in.


The Benares black jeans have been woven from a cotton-rich stretch blend to ensure that they feel as good as they look. Black stitch detail and muted metallic hardwear meanwhile offer a clean minimal finish. Slim-fit and perfectly streamlined, the Benares jeans offer a modern take on a wardrobe classic.


White denim may not be the first shade that springs to mind when considering jeans, but for the warmer months, they’re just as essential as classic blue jeans. Yes, they’ll require a little more caution when wearing than darker denims, but what they lack in practicality, they more than make up for in style.


Our Fugee Drake fit jeans have been cut slim, but offer more room in the thigh than our Razor fit jeans, meaning that they’ll help to achieve a contemporary yet classic look. We've also dyed the denim for an off-white stone finish, which is easier to wear than brilliant white.


- Reiss jeans come in two fits. The Razor fit is our slimmest jean, while our Drake shape offers the same streamlined fit, but with slightly more room in the thigh


- Each pair of jeans features subtly branded rivets and buttons


- Each pair of jeans feature a unique treatment. Hand sanding offers a distressed look, baked whiskering offers a natural worn in look, while laundering and enzyme dying offer gentle fading


- Stitching on each pair of jeans either contrasts for a classic look or uses a complementary tonal thread for a more modern look