Whether he’s planning a photo shoot or visiting the British Museum, David St John-James leads one exciting London life. This is why Port magazine’s Fashion Director was the perfect choice for the next chapter in our London Lives series.

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About the Shoot

On a misty Thursday morning earlier this month, we arrived at a spacious Shoreditch studio to shoot the next part of our London Lives series. With fresh coffee and croissants setting us up for the day, we were excited to meet our next stylish subject.

Fashion Director and co-founder of Port Magazine, as well as a freelance fashion stylist and consultant, there are many strings to David St. John-James’ bow. This is why we were so excited to meet him for our exclusive interview and shoot.

As you can see from the final images, John-James’ style is the perfect mix of good taste and unfussiness. The fashion director supported this when he explained his look to us:

“My personal style is mostly casual and understated,” he said, “comfortable staples.”

The pieces John-James selected for our shoot reflected this description perfectly. From a flecked knit in grey to a sports-inspired bomber in navy, we love how John-James exudes effortless style.

This minimalist approach doesn’t mean John-James never takes risks, as you can see from the more fashion-forward pieces he picked out from our SS13 collection. Our sea foam blue blazer gives a classic sartorial style a refreshing spin, while the bold apricot coat simply brightens up any look.

Once we finished our shoot, it was time to find out more about the fashion director. From his role at Port magazine to his idea of a perfect day in London, David St. John-James gave us the lowdown of his London life.

“I usually start (my day) at the Port office in Clerkenwell, catching up with the team and planning the day,” he said. “There can be shoots to prep, research to do or I may have appointments and meetings.”

John-James then went on to explain his role at Port magazine to us in a bit more detail.

“My role at Port is to oversee all fashion and style-related content across the magazine and web. I commission photographers and stylists and create stories and ideas for upcoming fashion shoots.”

So what was it that drew John-James towards Port magazine in the first place?

“A great meeting with the editor, Dan Crowe, who is bright, charming and very funny,” he explained. “I was approached with the original idea and concept and I knew right away we were a good fit.”

It’s no surprise that David St. John-James chooses to reside in the chic city of London, describing it as an “easy place to live with just about anything you want at your fingertips.”

When we asked him what his perfect day in London would be, we were caught slightly off guard by the quirky second part of his response:

“Maybe laying on the grass at Kew Gardens on a summer’s day watching planes fly overhead or spent at the British Museum looking at mummies.”

So just as his style proves, David St. John James lives an understated life in London, with just enough creative flair to keep things colourful.