Sara Escudero of coveted fashion blog, Collage Vintage, is our Paris Fashion Week insider and she puts her own personal spin on our SS16 collection. We take the time to catch up with her on all-things Paris, from what she packs in her suitcase to her favourite city hotspots.

With four different cities to prep for, how do you make sure you stay organised from the start of New York Fashion Week to the end of Paris?

I always try to stay as organised as possible and do my best to pack the perfect suitcase but because I’m travelling for such a long time, there’s always likely to be something that I miss. You can pack your entire closet and still sometimes when it comes to the day there are things missing that would be perfect. Keeping versatile clothes that can be worn in a number of different ways is the smartest way to do it. Comfy shoes are essential as you’re on the move all day, but of course I take heels for the evening events.

What are your in-flight essentials?

When I get to the airport I always buy a load of fashion magazines as I love reading them on flights. I make sure my iPhone is full of music and my headphones are packed in my hand luggage. To stay cosy I pack a pair of big socks and an oversized scarf to use as a blanket – it gets so cold on planes! If it’s a long flight, pyjama trousers are essential and of course bubble gum and sweets.

Do you have any tips for prepping your skin before a long flight?

Yes definitely, it’s so important to do what you can to make sure your skin is ready for a long flight. I always carry make-up remover with me in case I haven’t had time to take it off before I board, and La Roche Posay thermal water which keeps my face feeling fresh. Hydrating moisturiser and lip balm are also a must and I drink a lot of water throughout the flight as it’s so important to stay hydrated on the inside as well.

What excites you about Paris and what do you never leave the hotel without?

Paris is my favourite fashion week of the month because I love Parisian style, the lifestyle here and the shows. Paris for me is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it inspires me to take photos, so I’m always excited to be here for a week. Every corner is just perfect to shoot, the brasseries are amazing and the shopping is super here too. Of course I never leave the hotel without my camera.

What does a typical day at PFW consist of for you?

My schedule is so busy during Fashion Week so day to day is just madness. At the beginning of the week I feel fresh but by the end all I want to do is sleep for more than five hours at a time. When I get up, I pick an outfit that’s warm, comfortable and cute at the same time. I spend so many hours on the streets that practicality is key. I do my hair and make-up and head off to the first show of the day, visit showrooms and take a range of street style pictures. I don’t usually party a lot during Paris Fashion Week but I always try to have dinner and catch up with the friends that I only really see at these events. Once I’m back at the hotel I retouch the images from the day so that I can share them with my followers the next day.

Who are your French style icons?

Caroline de Maigret and Clémence Poésy

How does the dress code differ in Paris to the other cities and how do you make sure you capture this and stay true to your personal style at the same time?

‘Less is more’ is the motto for Parisian girls and they tend to wear a lot of black clothing, jeans and nice bags, showing a natural sense of style without following trends. I love it so much! It’s so different from Milan where you see a lot of branding and logos, and to London and New York that tends to be more bold and fashion-forward.

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What has inspired your PFW outfits this season?

I don’t think there is any one thing that has inspired by Fashion Week outfits. I always try to be myself and I get inspiration from a range of sources including fashion editorials, tumblr and pinterest. I love discovering my own style and feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

Who do you think gets their Paris street style looks right every time?

Leandra Medine is always my favourite.

Which places are on your hit-list and do you have any favourite spots in Paris?

My favourite hotels are Hotel Costes, Hôtel Plaza Athénée, La Réserve and Banke Hôtel and my must-visit resturants are Caviar Kaspia, L'Avenue, Café Ruc and Mokus l'ecureuil.

Le Marais is by far the best neighbourhood for shopping, especially vintage shopping – I always find something cool. Rue Montagne is great for high-fashion alternatives and I always make sure I go to Colette to get some gadgets and see what trends they are backing for the season.

What do you do to wind down at the end of the month?

When Fashion Month is over all I want is to enjoy a long hot bath and have a few lazy days at home, on my sofa watching TV.