This month marks the launch of our first Australian stores in Sydney and Melbourne, so to explore the climate in our new home and the styling that it warrants, we’ve called upon three of the country’s most coveted fashion bloggers for their expertise. Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, Kaitlyn Ham from Modern Legacy and Lisa Hamilton from See Want Shop choose their favourite pieces from the SS16 collection and we quiz them on everything from the hotspots in Australia to how they’ve found their personal style.

How do you think the blogging industry differs in Australia to the rest of the world?


The Australian population is quite small in comparison, yet we have lots of bloggers who are all producing amazing content. The standard is extremely high and it has set a benchmark for anyone looking to pursue it as a potential career.


What, who and where inspires you?


Pinterest is always a great source of inspiration – its a great place to see everything at once and gather inspiration around how to style both new and old pieces from your wardrobe.


Where are your favourite spots to shoot a feature?


My new office space in Sydney is my favourite space to shoot in. Lots of concrete and white walls and I don’t have to contend with the weather – it’s extremely convenient.

You have a very identifiable aesthetic. How did you build this initially and has it evolved since you launched your blog? 

My blog has been based on my personal style from the beginning and my expression of that has always come very naturally. That’s not to say that my current minimal, monochromatic aesthetic was as it is from the start. I used to wear (and love!) a lot of floral, vintage dresses, pops of colour and show plenty of bare leg – basically everything I largely avoid these days – but it was very much my style at the time and I felt very natural in expressing it as such. Over the years I began to gravitate towards a more minimal approach to dressing, with oversized silhouettes, clean lines, masculine tailoring and a largely monochromatic palette becoming my signature aesthetic and what I felt most comfortable wearing, and that’s where we are today. So my aesthetic has certainly evolved, and it will continue to do so no doubt, though I feel I’ve found my style and it won’t deviate too much more in the future. I love black too much to change now.


What are the top 3 style rules that you swear by?

Less is more, comfort is key and invest in classic, timeless pieces.


Reiss is launching in Australia; which pieces have you bookmarked for your wishlist this season and why?


I’m into classic, timeless pieces that can work for any season. A clean, sleeveless knit like the Aida, tailored black trousers like the classic Joanne style and a leather jacket are at the top of my wish list for this season because I know I can wear them for many seasons to come and I’ll still love them.

See Want Shop is a hugely successful fashion blog but what encouraged you to launch the See Want Travel Instagram account and how do you see the travel side of your brand developing over the coming seasons? 


I found myself with an overflowing catalogue of travel photos and wanted somewhere else to share them so it felt like a natural progression. I really love travel and so do my readers so I hope to continue to be able to build upon what I have already done and share some incredible new places on my blog.


Where can you find the best shopping, beaches and views in Melbourne?

For the best shopping in Melbourne, head to Emporium Melbourne on Chapel St or the newly opened St Collins Lane. There are so many lovely beaches, but my favourites are Chelsea, Diamond Bay and Sorrento Back Beach. For the views, head up the Rialto Tower, the Eureka Tower or visit the Dandenong Ranges.

How would you describe the style in Melbourne and how does your aesthetic reflect this?

Melbourne style is all about layering and being prepared for any weather. A monochrome colour palette is favoured and silhouettes are structured. I’m all about easy-to-wear, classic pieces so I will invest in a few key staples each season and style them in a host of different ways.