We love blogs, tumblrs, Pinterest and pretty much any website which gives us a daily slice of visual inspiration - and one of our favourites is WearThisToday. Building a look for each day of the week with a particular inspiration in mind - from books and films to exhibitions and even pretty desserts - we love it! So, the lovely team at WearThisToday kindly created two Reiss looks using our tumblr for inspiration. Check them out.

Wear This Today:

Willow shirt, Zena necklace, Didsbury dress, Maya leather jacket, Harperie trousers, Laurette scarf, Bronte handbag, Faith ring and Liliana shoes.

Wear This Today:

Spectrum pocket square, Baker jacket, Norton leather jacket, Anson iPad case, Honshu belt, Deck shoes, Hamilton trousers and Navigator shirt.