Vintage Heaven in LA, Jet Rags


For those of us who pay shopping ‘homage’ to everything vintage, and by ‘homage’ I really mean ‘love’. By painstakingly visiting shop after shop to find that unique, individual, and cherished item that makes our wardrobe a little more unique and satisfies that vintage shopping hunger. Well, you’re in luck if you’re in Los Angeles this weekend, because LA has the vintage-shopping equivalent of heaven in the form of ‘Jet Rags’. Jet Rags is the biggest vintage store we have ever seen. The clothing is simply unbelievable and mixed with the LA crowd a thoroughly entertaining experience. Tug it out in-between a mix of vintage lovers, designers, transvestites, and fashionistas for that rare special item. Amongst the vintage garbs hanging from every available space are inviting leather jackets, sensational classic jeans and dresses and bags for every occasion. This really is a treasure trove of vintage garb. Set within the recognized vintage area of La Brea it sets itself aside from its competitors for the sheer quality of clothing and vast range. Not to forget to mention Dollar sale Sunday where almost everything sells for a dollar. This really is vintage heaven…