The 1920s - and all the glamour and style associated with the decade - has struck quite a chord with the fashion world this season. No doubt spurred on by the long-awaited release of Baz Lurhmann's film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby, our own design team took inspiration from the stylish decade and film this season. Undertaken with our signature modern touch, Twenties Modernism has become our favourite high summer trend. Here's our inspiration and how we're wearing it.

Twenties Modernism | Summertime 2013 encapsulates a clean, fresh, contemporary feel with a relaxed approach to dressing. References include mood-evoking editorials in black and white, outdoor moments in sun-soaked locations and an understated yet graphic aesthetic.

Our Vicory dress adopts the modern monochrome palette and simple, uncomplicated shapes Twenties Modernism champions.

A feel for 1920s glamour comes from subtle beading on beautiful silky pieces - perfectly laidback, louche and luxe with just the right amount of sparkle. The Isabel top gets it right.

Gatsby had an impact on eveningwear, but our design team favoured dramatic, wide leg jumpsuits over fussily embellished gowns. Our Franchesca and Link jumpsuits embody this casual approach to glamour.

Styling is pared back but feminine; where embroidery and embellishment sits with silk pieces in a contemporary fashion.

Our Etie top styled with the Morgan shorts demonstrates the idea.

Cool, calm, feminine and now - the roaring Twenties it isn't, this is Twenties Modernism.