The next ‘do in our top 5 party blowdries series has been trialled by Olivia, who tested the Charles Worthington blowdry using L'Oreal Professional Hair Chalks. As our finger-on-the-pulse PR girl, Olivia had to go for the most out-there of blowdries and bravely opted to go pink!

Olivia was prepared to dip the ends of her hair in a cool candy pink for maximum impact on her blonde locks.

Firstly, Olivia's hair was tonged to give it a gently wave and then the stylist went to work on the chalks - which was actually a liquid applied with sponges.

Painted onto just the tips of Olivia's hair and on hidden strands, so that only flashes of pink would appear with a flick of the hair, the result would be subtle, so a darker pink was chosen, to ensure the over-all effect was a little bolder.

Olivia's hair was then dried, re-tonged and sprayed into place - with all the pink on show.


A subtle flash of pink which perfectly suited the party season ahead (as it only lasts 2-10 washes).

In fact, Olivia was partying that very evening, and got lots of compliments on her 'pinked' hair.

Stay tuned to the blog, next up will be the step-by-step guide to the Glamour Wave as road-tested by Jess. Hungry for more hair ‘dos? Catch up on Claire’s Straight & Sleek.