Cannes starts today, and to celebrate the world's most glamorous film festival, we look back to our decades of choice this season; the Fifties and Sixties. Re-assessing the wild antics of years gone by, here we chart our top ten iconic Cannes moments.


A young Brigitte Bardot (at just 19) was a budding actress at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival. The French beauty was treated to a hair re-style on the beach by US actor Kirk Douglas - her co-star in the film Act of Love - who braided it into pigtails. Bardot later went on to model several bikinis throughout the festival (quite a thing at the time), much to the delight of the paparazzi.


French starlet, Simone Silva, who starred in a handful of British B-Movies and once claimed she'd 'do anything' to get in the newspapers, caused quite a stir at Cannes in 1954, when the racy madam posed topless on the beach with actor Robert Mitchum. This risque stunt led to the actress being stripped of her Miss Festival title and promptly asked to leave...


Heading the US delegation at Cannes in 1955, Grace Kelly met Prince Rainer III, after being asked to attend a photo shoot with him at the Palace of Monaco. Despite being faced with a series of delays and complications, Grace finally came face-to-face with her Prince, and the rest is history...


Despite Miss Kelly's moment in Monaco during the same year, Sophia Loren was the most-photographed star during 1955's festival. Here, she flashes a little leg in an ultra-appropriate sailor dress.


Brigitte is back...


Elizabeth Taylor attended the 1957 Cannes Film Festival with her third husband, Mike Todd, wearing a glittering diamond tiara. A gift from Mike, jewel-obsessed Taylor had worn the piece to the Oscars earlier that year and continued to dazzle once she hit Cannes.


French actress, Jeanne Moreau, strode down a long table during a glamorous dinner at the 1958 festival. Taking misbehaving to new heights, the naughty star stepped over fellow diners, silver ice buckets, bread plates and cutlery to draw attention to herself.


Hollywood actress, Jayne Mansfield, drew a delighted crowd when she frolicked bikini-clad in a fountain during 1964's Cannes. Already a bonafide sex symbol thanks to her being the first American actress to go nude in her film Promsies! Promises! the previous year, she put on quite a show.


British actor, Michael Caine, enlists help from a bevy of cheeky British beauties to help him promote his film Alfie at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival. Each of his 'Alfie's Birds' had a different 'Alfie is...' message across their bottoms.


Andy Warhol paid for his 8 person entourage to join him for the screening of his film Chelsea Girls at 1967's Cannes. However, it was all in vain, as the film was later pulled for containing nudity - becoming the first time that an invited film wasn't actually screened at the festival

Tune in to the blog next week, when journalist and television presenter, Louise Roe, sends us her 2014 Cannes Diary.