The streets of Stockholm provide a fitting backdrop for menswear blogger, Tobias Sikström, to demonstrate just why grey is such an integral part of a man’s winter wardrobe. In this insider's Stockholm City Guide, see how grey pieces from the Reiss menswear collection can be worn right now while discovering all of the essential places to visit when in Sweden's capital.


If you want to start your Friday with a glass of wine at Taverna Brillo, you’d better be on time as it’s so busy. Just like most Stockholmers I like to kick of the weekend at Brillo with my friends. Under the same roof you'll find a bakery with freshly baked bread and pastries, two different bars, a restaurant, a coffee and ice cream bar and even a flower shop. So whether you're up for Swedish "fika" (which means coffee and pastries) or a full meal - this is the place to be.

Location: Sturegatan 6


The Old Town district of Stockholm is packed with cosy restaurants and small hidden places. One of my very favourite restaurants happens to be located there. Pastis is a tiny French bistro with delicious food and wine that are perfect to end to a cold winter's day.

Location: Baggensgatan 12


Snickarbacken 7 is one of the most popular cafés among hipsters and young people in the center of Stockholm. I don't know how many days in a row I've spent here during my time as a student. At the back you'll find a small store with a carefully hand-picked selection of products. Garments, interior, paintings and vintage pieces are all stocked. Most of the things come from well-known brands and local producers who not have had the opportunity to open a store of their own yet. That means that you will find a lot of great things that you probably haven't seen before.

Location: Snickarbacken 7


Stockholm is built on seventeen islands. One of them is called Skeppsholmen and that is where you can find the Moderna Museét (Modern Museum of Art). This is also where I buy most of the posters and pictures that currently hang on my walls at home. Go and see an exhibition while exploring Stockholm and then pick up some fine art on your way home.

Location: Slupskjulsvägen 7


The best brunch and breakfast in town is found at Nytorget 6 at Södermalm. As a result, this restaurant is packed both early in the morning and late at night. If you can, make sure you try their breakfast menu and the yoghurt before you head out to discover the rest of the neighbourhood.

Location: Nytorget 6


I wish that I could say that I started every day with a morning work out, but I don't. If I did I would do it here at SATS Spårvagnshallarna. The building is an old garage that was built for storage of trams during the nights. Today however,  it's been transformed into a gym filled with health junkies from all around town.

Location: Birger Jarlsgatan 57D 

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