Fashion photography has to be one of the most competitive career choices, making it all the more crucial to stand out. One man who seems to manage this with ease, is the extremely original and imaginative Tim Walker. So much so, the 32-year old British talent has managed to establish himself as one of the most popular and instantly recognisable fashion photographers of recent times. This is why we were so excited to check out Walker's latest exhibition at Somerset house, Story Tellers. Read on to see some of our highlights from the unmissable event.

The name Story Teller fits this exhibition perfectly, as this is exactly what Tim Walker is. We love how he tells a dream-like tale with every photograph he takes.

If there was any question about Walker's popularity, the queue that went all the way across Somerset House's courtyard said it all.

Large props that feature in much of Walker's work add to the surreal environment of the exhibition.

Story Teller is showing daily between 10am and 6pm at Somerset House until January 27 2013.

Admission is free. Find out more here.