For our latest Journeyman blog entry, we travel to Italy - with a small detour to Paris - where Filippo of Italian men's fashion blog The ThreeF gives us an insight into a day in his life. Along the way he shows us how to eat, drink and sleep in style.

I love sleeping and I like lazing in my bed until late in the morning. Sometimes, however duties call and I have to wake up early. I like starting my day by training at the gym.

What's better than starting a new day with a big breakfast? I often have a cappuccino and some cookies and croissants. Sometimes I am healthier and eat them with fresh fruit, an orange juice… and some chocolate.

Filippo wears Winston polo neck in navy and carries Leonardo briefcase in whale grey

A big part of my daily routine is meetings, so I have to make sure that I'm dressed properly. For a busy day I choose to wear a tailored suit coupled with a wool Reiss polo shirt. I excluded bright shades, instead opting for grey paired with different shades of blue.

Ah, lunch time. Mariage Frères is a must stop when I'm in Paris. I love sipping different varieties of tea and eating one of my favorite dishes called the "Snob Salad" (the name does not reflect my personality) when I'm lunching there.

Filippo wears Crabtree jacket in petrol

It's time to shoot a video campaign. I've decided to wear my beloved Reiss four pocket belted field jacket, which I've matched with a pair of beige jeans. I prefer being photographed, but I have to say that videos are dynamic too - and my readers seem to love them!

I adore Milan, my home city. I'm not only a fashion blogger, I'm also an architect. That's why I can't stop looking at the beauty of all of the architecture around me. In the picture above you can see the entrance of "Casa degli Omenoni", a palace built in 1565 in the centre of Milan - it's one of my favourites.

After a long day, now it's time for an aperitivo (a refreshing post-work drink) at Park Hyatt Hotel. I love to drink a Bellini, the recipe is quite easy and you can make one at home with little trouble:

Take 1 part of fresh peach puree (not peach juice) and 2 parts Champagne (Italian Prosecco is even better!) Pour the peach puree into a champagne flute. Slowly add the Champagne or Prosecco. Drink!

It's dinner time with friends. And few things are better than a fillet tartare at one of my favourite restaurants in Milan.

Now it's time to rest. Good night, and thank you for "spending" a day with me.


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