The thing about selvedge is...


Selvedge denim, it's our favourite kind, but why? What's so special about it? And what is it about that flash of red at the ankle which makes it so desirable...?

A prestigious and luxury approach to denim, it offers the wearer durability, traditonal craftsmanship and, above all else, style.

Selvedge denim is woven using a traditional loom, which gives it a clean, natural self-edge - meaning the fabric will never fray.

To get really technical for a moment;

The loom weaves a narrow piece of fabric (compared to other denim types), so a longer piece of fabric is required to make a pair of jeans.  And so, the traditional method is to use the fabric all the way to the selvedge edge. This is only visible when the hem  is turned up, and the two selvedge edges (where the denim is sewn together) can be seen.

Selvedge has a rigid, cleaner look compared to other types of denim, it ages beautifully and the character of each pair is moulded to the individual. From cowboys to denim fanatics and even the occasional jean-wearer, selvedge means something and  holds that extra pull.

Despite its recent spotlight in the denim world, selvedge has long been a denim favourite. From the first loom created in the late 1800s to Hollywood royalty placing its stamp of approval on selvedge; here's Montgomery Clift on the set of The Misfits wearing a pair of selvedge denims in 1961.

But the reason we love selvedge so much this season is its trend-driven appeal. And, as turn-ups are such a key styling trend, it's the perfect time to show off that tell-tale selvedge red tab. Which, by the way, is not sewn in to finish the jeans, but woven into the fabric itself. Quite an art.

And, it's not just for guys, even a young Marilyn Monroe loved selvedge and doesn't she look just swell?

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