It's the fifth day into Movember, the annual moustache-growing campaign that raises money for men's health charities, and we've already spotted men everywhere well on the way to obtaining the perfect "mo." To celebrate the month ahead, here's a round up of some of history's most iconic moustaches. Happy Movember gents!

Toothbrush Tash

The toothbrush moustache was of course made famous by Hollywood icon, Charlie Chaplin. First adopting the quirky look around 1914 for his Mack Sennett silent comedies, Chaplin once said he added the moustache to his look because it had a comical appearance and was small enough not to hide his expression.


Pencil In

Aside from his famous line in Gone with the Wind, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”, Clark Gable is mostly remembered for his signature pencil moustache. So much so, the style is often referred to as the Clark Gable. The pencil-thin moustache spreads across the full length of the top lip but leaves a gap just under the nose to create a bold and distinctive look.


Mighty Mo If there's one moustache that deserves a mention every time Movember comes around, it has to be Tom Selleck's iconic mo. There hasn't been a single film where the star hasn't sported his thick tash, which has made him instantly recognisable. It's clear how legendary Selleck's 'stache is just by looking at the 25,000+ people that 'like' it on Facebook.

Surrealist 'Stache

Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali will always be remembered for his extraordinary moustache. So unique, it has even been named "the best 'tash of all time" - and it's pretty hard to disagree. Slender with long tips that arch up, the hairs of this style are only allowed to start growing up to the end of the upper lip. Salvador, we salute you.


Behind the Curve

A smaller and somewhat thicker version of Dali's tash, Agatha Christie's meticulously dressed character Hercule Poirot takes great pride in his famous waxed moustache. Curved and twisted at the ends, Poirot's mo gives him a quirky look that perfectly fits the character.

So there you have it, five of the most iconic moustaches in history. Ready to grow your own for Movember? Find out more about the campaign here and click here to find out how to get involved.