There are certain pieces of clothing that withstand decades, or sometimes even centuries, of ever-changing trends. A pea coat is one of these timeless garments, originating as far back as the 1720s where references to the pea jacket first appeared in American newspapers. Today, the distinctive style remains consistently relevant and often true to its original design.

Sail On

Originally worn by sailors of European navies, pea coats are recognised by their wide lapels, double-breasted fronts and often over-sized wooden or metallic buttons. Traditionally made from 30-ounce wool, pea coats were designed to keep sailors warm at sea by retaining their body heat.

We are the Mods

The next stage of the pea coat’s journey was when it became more of a style statement than a practical piece. Although the parka is the first style of outerwear you would associate with the 1960s mods, a smarter approach to the look is to don a classic pea coat.

On Reiss: The Hummingbird Pea Coat

Whether you fancy yourself a modern mod, love nautical style or simply want to make the look your own, our Hummingbird pea coat is the perfect piece of outerwear to invest in this season.

With its substantial woollen fabric used to give the coat its timeless feel, the Hummingbird will look great teamed with a slim fit pair of herringbone weave trousers and brogues. Either opt for the Hummingbird in classic navy, or in grey for a more contemporary approach.