As Reiss Live continues, Anjeza Tufina is our first guest blogger reporting exclusively for us from Milan Fashion Week . Anjeza lives in Milan and has been writing her lifestyle blog The Dolls Factory since 2011.

What do you love most and least during Milan Fashion Week?

What I love the most is the so called 'fashion circus'. It exists over all the world's fashion week venues but I find it more and more amusing every year. People dress up for the street style photographers and there is a kind of weird competition going on, and most of these people don't even attend shows, or have any interest in the fashion industry at all. But, I like to be amused so it is interesting to see to what extent the attention seekers will go to get their one picture of fame.

What I find difficult during Milan Fashion Week is moving from one venue to the other and the traffic that comes with hundreds of people following the same calendar of shows. There isn't a dedicated space for the designers, so the runway shows are held all over town.

What is your fashion week style?

I don't stress out too much on my fashion week wardrobe because I keep the same style as any other day. This week I'll be wearing a lot of blue which has always been my personal 'black'. I will be taking my Reiss Liza bag everywhere because I can perfectly fit everything in it, from invitations to beauty products and I've always loved a small structured bag.

The only thing that is really different from my daily style is wearing high heels during the day. At fashion week you are surrounded by models and a few inches of heel height help me feeling less like a dwarf.

What are your must-have pieces for AW13?

A tailored coat with clean lines will effortlessly dress things up, a cashmere sweater will keep things warm and classy and an A-line skirt with a high waist really flatters every figure.

Anjeza wears our Virginia coat in navy blue, Didsbury dress in blue, Liza bag in ink and Ruby shoes in navy blue.
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