There’s something about a classic car that just exudes style. Nothing beats the feeling of being behind the wheel of a 1975 Aston Martin or Mercedes SL Pagoda with the windows down and the sun beaming through. This is why we just had to get our hands on the latter for our latest menswear shoot. To do this, we looked no further than the Classic Car Club which offers a vast range of gorgeous vintage cars for hire.

The Classic Car Club is an exclusive private members club that promises to “improve and enhance your life – raising you to new, untold levels of driving pleasure.” You pay a one-off joining fee which is then followed by an annual subscription, allowing you an allocation of points.

These points are then exchanged for days in cars that “delight, entertain and generally throw their peers into pits of envious despair.” You pay no extra fee beyond your subscription and are entitled to unlimited mileage.

So what about the cars themselves? Well, here's a few of our favourites...

1964 Jensen CV8 MKII 

Engine: 6.3 litre V8 Top Speed: 136 MPH

We love the colour and design of this 1960s CV8. According to the Classic Car Club, only 500 of these cards were made so it is very unlikely you'll get the chance to drive one somewhere else. The perfect vehicle to pick up your date in this Valentine's.

1963 Karmann Ghia Coupe 

Engine: Air cooled 1192cc flat four Transmission: 4 Speed Manual

Another eye-catching colour, this retro Beetle-based Karmann Ghia is an absolute must-drive. Although the car has a slightly sporty feel, it doesn't move much faster than the Beetle. No fear of losing your license with this old-school beauty.

Mercedes SL Pagoda 

Engine: 2778cc straight 6 Top Speed: 124 mph

Finally, we have to give mention to the beautiful SL Pagoda. This classic car was the one we selected for our first London Lives menswear shoot, which is live now. Men's Health style director, Dan Rookwood, loved the car so much he wanted to drive it home!

Find out more about the  Classic Car Club and how to become a member on their official website.