The Art of the pocket square


Here at Reiss we have always been ones to obsess over the small details and minutiae of an outfit. As such, we’ve been overjoyed by the humble pocket square’s return to prominence – the simple flash of colour it adds to a lapel can separate the everyman from the truly stylish. An easy and inexpensive way to vary the look and feel of a suit, we look to our pocket square collection and demonstrate our favourite ways to wear them.  

The One Corner Fold

The one corner fold will leave a small peak of pocket square peeking out of your pocket and is something of a favourite in Reiss HQ.

To achieve the fold, as shown by the Winehouse aubergine polka dot pocket square,  follow these steps:

1. Lay your pocket square flat in a diamond angle.

2. Fold the bottom point to the top creating a triangle.

3. Bring the left and right hand sides of your triangle to the middle to achieve a rectangle with a point at the top.

4. Then fold the bottom to the top a third of the way to fit snugly in your blazer pocket.

The Straight Fold

The straight fold lends a classic look to your suit jacket.  We took the new Alloy pocket square in rose for a whirl with this one. In order to achieve the fold:

1. Lay your pocket square flat.

2. Bring the left hand side to the right hand side.

3. Bring the bottom towards to the top but don’t fold it all the way.

4. Then fold the fabric in thirds so it’ll fit snugly in your blazer pocket.

The Puff Fold

The last fold in our pocket square masterclass is the puff fold, which is the easiest, and sort of a cheat because it really isn’t a fold at all!

We think the new Bergamo pocket square in blue works best for this one, as the soft cashmere blend is perfect for that rakish puff effect. In order to achieve the puff:

1. Lay your pocket square flat.

2. Pinch it in the middle to allow the fold to come together naturally.

3. With one hand holding the pocket square, give it a flick and gracefully place it in your   pocket. Fiddle with it until you achieve your desired puffiness.

Don’t leave your suit naked, every man will fell a little more complete with a dandyish flash of fabric gracing his pocket.