A job working as Junior Fashion Editor at one of the world’s most prestigious publications is often considered to be up there with the most desirable jobs in the fashion industry. Surrounded by luxury brands on a daily basis and showered with endless invites pre-Fashion Week, it sounds beautifully glamorous don’t you think? With that in mind and London Fashion Week launching today, we caught up with Harper's Bazaar’s Anna Vitiello at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho, on what it’s really like to prep for the biggest week in fashion’s calendar. Follow Anna on instagram for all her Fashion Week updates.

Ava hat, Via jacket, Chambers top, Rocket skirt

What are your top 3 survival must-haves come LFW?

Food! That's my first one - there's always food in my bag because you seriously need the energy. Then sunglasses, for those ropey days when you're not feeling your best, and lastly amazing flats - because anyone that runs around in heels is a hero.

How do you prep before the week?

I try to think ahead with what I'm going to wear: preparing a little takes the stress out of getting dressed throughout the week. Generally, it goes as far as getting a few new things - I don't go crazy and look for accessories in particular - but it's nice to feel nice when you're attending shows. Beauty wise, my only prep is a mani-pedi. You are endlessly running around and it's an easy way to feel groomed.

Heels or flats?

Flats, absolutely. We are lucky enough to have cars to take us around shows, but even then, flats win every time! I'd say heels make the outfit probably once in five days. If your feet are in pain, you're not going to enjoy the day.

What does a typical day during LFW look like for you?

Waking up early (shows often begin at 9), and there is more or less a show every hour on the hour. We can't make them all - some run late and it's tricky to get to every single one - but that's the aim. There isn't always time to stop for lunch, but I always try and get some good food in at a reasonable hour - it's important to keep my energy up. The shows often run into the evening, after which there will be an event. I wish I could say I stay out late but I like my sleep!

Eli cuff, Efren bag

Which show are you most looking forward to?

So many... I love supporting lesser known brands like Barbara Casasola and Huishan Zhang, who are both incredibly talented, and there's always a great buzz around bigger shows like Topshop, Burberry and Christopher Kane.

What SS16 trends are you expecting to see on the runway this season?

Gosh, I'm really not sure. Denim will surely be bigger news than ever, and naturally there will be colour focus, lighter spring fabrics and lots of prints.

Who should we follow on Instagram for the latest updates?

Me, of course! But I'll be reporting from Harper's Bazaar from the shows, and posting more style-related updates from my other accessories instagram account, And Finally. I also love following British bloggers who have their own personal style. My favourites are Camille over the Rainbow and The Golden Diamonds.

Who do you think gets their street style looks right every time?

Most people I know dress for themselves, and as a result often get shot by street-style photographers, so it’s not always a case of getting it ‘right’. My favourite people are the ones that are most true to their style, whether it's crazily colourful or artfully undone. Camille Charriere's style is impeccable, as is Yasmin Sewell's and Candice Lake's. But it's all matter of preference.

Gerbera shoes

Where are the best bars and restaurants for people-watching in the evenings?

As the British Fashion Council base has moved to Brewer Street Car Park this season, anywhere in Soho will be brilliant for people watching. Lights of Soho is opposite and a fun new place to hang out, while Bill's (not glamorous, but honest) is my favourite spot.

How do you unwind at the end of Fashion Week?

It's straight back to work, so there isn't much time to unwind. Milan starts right after, followed by Paris, so it's really non-stop, whether you're attending the shows or not. This season, I'll be taking a trip to Norway for fresh air as soon as possible.