The final blogger in our Take Five… series is Olivia of What Olivia Did. Our last episode came courtesy of Fash n Chips, who showed us around a picturesque town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but here Olivia shows us how she enjoys her downtime in London town.

Living in London means that there's always something new to experience in the city at the weekends. I try to explore new areas of London as often as I can, as let's face it - we're pretty spoilt for choice. Having said that though, I certainly have some set favourites that I can't resist heading back to again and again - and who can blame me when they're this good!

My first port of call when I have a little time in the morning is Village East in Bermondsey. Brunch has become a bit of a craze in London, and being able to find somewhere off of the beaten track that does amazing pancakes and coffee has to be one of London's hidden gems. There's nothing I enjoy more than taking five, sitting down and enjoying some good food - but without my laptop switched on.

B Street Deli (just along the street from Village East), is another must-stop for treats and fresh bread en route home. It looks a little like a florist from the outside, but they do amazing brownies and baguettes inside which make for a perfect spontaneous picnic supplies!

If I'm around east or west London, I completely love taking some time to enjoy the city's record shops, with Rough Trade being one of my favourites for endless browsing. I have a record player at home, so being able to pick up some great records to listen to when I'm relaxing is so fun, and there's always plenty to rifle through.

On Sundays heading to Columbia Road Flower Market is one of the best ways to wrap up a weekend. Although it's usually a little busy - I'm pretty sure that's just part of its charm (especially when trying to dig out the perfect bunch of peonies) - picking up some of the freshest blooms (at bargain prices) is always a winner. Not only that, but there are some gorgeous bakeries and tea shops on the street, so you can celebrate your floral finds with a cuppa and cake too!

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