Next up in our Take Five... blogger series is Audrey of Be Frassy. Our first episode came courtesy of the Barefoot Blonde, who showed us Salt Lake City, but here Audrey shows us how she enjoys her downtime in beautiful Paris; from huge cups of coffee to tiny pastries and a healthy dose of spring sunshine.

I spend the majority of my time sat at my desk, in front of my computer so when I do have time off, and these days it’s a rarity – I like to get out into the city and just simply enjoy the luxury of living in Paris.

I’ll start the day early with a huge cup of coffee at a café somewhere, usually along the Tuileries gardens. Paris culture revolves around cafes, so it's not a quick drink & dash endeavour, I’ll sit here, sometimes with a pile of books or magazines for a good hour or two. Plus, I love people watching and Paris hosts a pretty fascinating array of people to observe.

I love to stop by Angelina’s during my time off – just to pour over their beautiful displays or like this time, grab a mille-feuille to enjoy in the park.

I have an absolute weak-spot for packaging and Angelina’s is some of the prettiest I’ve ever seen!

Sun-basking and pastry-eating in the Tuileries on a spring day is simply heavenly. As I work for myself, I don’t always have weekends off and will sometimes find my free time during the week, when the park is a little more peaceful and far more enjoyable.

Catch up with the Barefoot Blonde and come back next month when we 'take five' somewhere else in the world.