As our spring/summer collection is centered around leisure, halcyon days and what we enjoy during our downtime, we've asked a number of bloggers to show us what they do on the weekend in our 'take five' series. Join us with our first instalment, the beautiful Amber of fashion blog Barefoot Blonde, whose Salt Lake City weekend looks dreamy.

When I take five I always start with getting fresh flowers. I love to get them each week and have them on my desk so I have something fresh and pretty to look at while I work!

We don't have flower markets here in Utah like in New York or other big cities so I head straight to Whole Foods.

I also like to go to my favorite cafe, The Rose Establishment, and get my favorite treats.

I've been enjoying this a lot recently, especially since I became pregnant and have been craving treats non-stop!

Normally I would like to do all of this with my husband or my sisters for some good company.

Flowers, treats, and being with someone you love always make for a good day.

In this post Amber wore our Oyster dress, Sledge jumper, Brina shoes and Jasmine clutch.