Sunday Sessions - Shopping in L.A.


When we were in L.A. we had to stop by Amoeba Records on Sunset Boulevard in downtown Hollywood. Famed for being the largest independent music store in the world, Amoeba stretches across an entire block and felt like the perfect place to hang out on a Sunday afternoon. Consisting of two (huge) floors and a dedicated jazz room, whether you're looking for music or movies, you're very likely to find what you're after here. Stocking both new and used CDs, DVDs and vinyls we reckon even the most obscure request could be met at Amoeba.

The glowing red sign is like a beacon for music lovers, and there's lots of little hints on the street outside to let you know you're headed in the right direction.

This warehouse-style building is packed full of music and movies from every genre, with seriously knowledgeable staff on-hand to point you in the right direction.

It is also host to live gigs too, with artists like Elvis Costello, The Raconteurs, Supergrass, Nancy Sinatra and DJ Dangermouse all having performed at Amoeba.

Even musical-inspired lampshades are on offer, these Beatles ones reminded us of home.

Stacks and stacks of records fill the huge space, it's every dj's haven and far too easy to kill an entire afternoon browsing through the extensive collection on offer.

And of course, anything Hollywood caught our eye...

Amoeba Records

6400 Sunset Bvd.

L.A. California