What's the most voguish way to flash the flesh, and what's the summer's coolest shade? In Summer's Hottest Trends we round-up all of the looks and styles that you should be wearing right now.


This summer androgyny's off the menu. SS14's most stylish way to blur the lines between masculine and feminine is to keep things ladylike, borrowing a thing or two from the boys along the way. Think fluid button-down shirts tucked into lace ankle-skimming skirts or sharp tailored trousers contrasting with pretty floral blouses. Either way, this boy meets girl story most definitely has a happy ending.

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Not since its '90s heyday has denim seen itself cut into so liberally. And, while skinny and boyfriend jeans may be battling for supremacy amongst fashion's acolytes, all of this summer's most fashionably clad legs have one thing in common; they're adorned with a generous smattering of rips, frays, tears and scuffs. Less grunge and more grown-up, this denim is not the product of wear and tear but rather the result of 'artfully placed areas of interest'.


First things first, summer and black aren't natural - or practical - bedfellows. However as a stylish respite from an onslaught of florals, pastels and more florals, for SS14 we're warming up to the appeal of chic all-over black. While this summer's weather forecast will most likely be a washout, take sartorial matters into your own hands and make the fashion forecast a blackout.

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The summer and acres of skin go hand in hand, but the question of which slither of flesh is most chic is the subject of fervent debate. We're wholeheartedly backing the midriff which - unlike the chest - can be shown in conjunction with legs. The most voguish way to flash the flesh? Go high-waisted opting for shorts with a waistline which travels far north of the navel and team with a loosely cut crop top.

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Call us fashion magpies; we're enthralled by the allure of all things that shine. We're impatient souls too, who think that frankly party season is far too long a stretch to wait for smatterings of sparkle and shine. Luckily, this summer hasn't been all about floaty fabrications and fluid forms, hi-tech metallic material has cropped up on everything from clutch bags to crop tops. So, take your cue from this season's shiniest style setters by catching the light and making the case for metallics.

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While the cooler months may boast aesthetic restraint and the intricate art of layering, the summer is abundant with chance to experiment as wardrobes become an explosion of colour, texture - and most importantly - print. Be inspired by nature opting for animal, floral or foliage print, alternatively go graphic by plumping for geometric print. Whichever print you sport, this summer's statement dressing requires pattern on repeat.

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