In My Style Journey, dressed in Reiss, fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu (aka The Golden Diamonds) embarks across China on one epically fashionable adventure. Read on to discover how Doina stays glamorous while travelling and to learn more about her inspiringly chic journey into the unknown.

Doina wears the Sergant grey roll neck jumper, the Alto black leather backpack, the Arya tailored navy blazer, the Sylvia damson skirt and the Shaftesbury black leather knee high boots.

I started my trip to China on the 1st of November, and here I am, enjoying my last days here before I (earlier than planned) head back to London. Am I happy, am I sad to be leaving? My emotions are mixed and the dilemma I’m in can’t really be explained. Obviously I’m more than excited to go back to London since that’s where all my friends are, my business, my home; it’s the place I know so well… But China is the complete opposite, and the unknown has always tempted me.

Unfortunately during my trip I didn't get the chance to visit the old parts of China, hidden in the mountains, filled with culture and tradition, but that’s what I've left for my next trip. Experiencing some of the biggest and most developed cities in the world isn't bad either, right? Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong have been a wonderful home for my ideas and I. Caught in the fashion world of China between modelling castings and business meetings, I had the chance to experience the country from a different, very Western side.

What are your suitcase essentials when travelling?

Skincare bag, black jeans, white T-shirt, a book, flat ankle boots, Tom Ford private blend perfume, lace bras, tripod.

Which AW14 trends are you currently sporting?

Regardless of trends, to me autumn is always about masculinity, pastels, leather and comfy jumpers.

How does your style differ when visiting China?

Though I have never visited China myself before, from what everyone is telling me, I feel like it has changed a lot. Fashion is being hugely influenced by Japan. You see more and more girls sporting thigh high boots with short skirts and girlish sweaters. That’s kind of how I feel as well; having always loved the “Japanese school-girl” style you see in mangas or animes, I finally get the chance to experiment with that.

What are your favourite hotspots when visiting China and why?

Just like many other Asian destinations, China is all about the streets. That’s where the culture is; the best food, the dances, the music, all of that you can find on the streets. Apart from that, I’m always keen on trying small local eateries, but they’re never pre-planned.

Doina wears the Ambrosia lace navy gown

How best would you describe your signature style?

My style changes all the time. Even though I am all about masculinity and minimalism, I love fashion too much to just stick to one thing; I love experimenting. The life of a blogger has offered me the chance to start my own style adventure.

What are your ultimate beauty staples?

Cleanser, serum and eyeliner. I’m trying to avoid anything else, especially in such a warm climate.

The best piece of sartorial advice you've been given?

Attitude is everything. It doesn't really matter how trendy, cool or expensive your outfit is; the best way to impress is to make people see the personality behind the clothes.

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