For the SS14 menswear collection our design team repeatedly visited the theme of elegant vacation style from days gone by. Few men so perfectly embodied this insouciant - yet considered - cool as well as Paul Newman did.

Newman's career was one marked by undeniable talent, arresting good looks and a personal style which left an enduring mark on the collective consciousness of both menswear and cinema.

With an enviable list of film credits (Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Hud and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof) Newman enjoyed acting longevity over a career which spanned decades. It seemed that chronic over-achievement was one of Newman’s greatest strengths; throughout his life the actor also garnered considerable success in the fields of directing, race car driving and philanthropy.

What was is though that made Newman's style so enduringly appealing? For us, the actor's sartorial charm lay in his ability to make preppy perennials look like the epitome of Americana while clearly effusing a sense of anti-hero.

This seemingly contradictory combination of wholesomeness and edginess is a theme which is recurrent in many of Newman's film roles.

It wasn't just his on-set style which has imprinted its image onto our retinas, but also his ability to embody an aesthetic of relaxed refinement - something we're hoping to capture in our approach to dressing for SS14.

Whether wearing simple chinos and a light blue shirt unbuttoned or bedecked in a classic crew neck jumper, Newman's unfussy yet striking style continues to be an inspiration, and is sure to be for time to come.